All’s Well That Comes From A Well?


So in the middle of our Halloween Horror Marathon this month, last night we decided to take a little break and ended up watching those YouTube top 10 Scariest, Most Iconic etc. Horror Scenes. What irked me the most about these lists, other than apparently there were no horror movies made before An American Werewolf in London, is that the climax of The Ring was on every single one of these lists. Samara coming out that TV must’ve traumatized a lot of people in the early 2000’s.

I think it’s just me, though. The Ring just doesn’t work for me, aside from the scene where Naomi Watts plucks the fly out of the TV, which is a nicely surreal moment. Other than that though, I think it’s a boring movie that explains itself way too much on the way through a horrible script. Naomi Watts does her best in it, but it just doesn’t work for me.

Also, I think the white ghost girl with long black hair thing works very rarely, here in the Ju-On clip they showed. They also had a clip from the American remake, which didn’t work at all. In the original, it’s much creepier as you can see a door opening at the top of the stairs and you don’t see the girl until she peeks from behind a corner. And the worst part is that she doesn’t stop staring the main girl. She just keeps staring as she climbs down the stairs and moves closer to her until she’s on top of her. Very well done. Horribly done in the remake though, adding an extra character to the scene and special effects that ruin the whole thing for me.

But there’s just so many of these and they follow the same pattern, which just makes me bored of them. I realise that makes me sound quite stupid, as I’m a huge fan of the Friday the 13th series and if there are movies that follow a pattern, it’s those. In my defense though, the Friday movies are mostly about the kills rather than scares, whereas the Ghost Girl movies are about scares. Scares that start to repeat themselves quite fast.

Another thing I noticed is that The Exorcist doesn’t work in these Scariest Moments Of All Time things. That movie has such an amazing build up and a sense of horror through the movie, showing one scene out of context doesn’t really work for me. There’s memorable scenes to be sure, head spinning, pea soup etc., but again, context makes them better.

While I appreciate these videos to a certain extent, some variety would be nice to them. There’s more to horror than just a girl coming out from the TV.

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Wes Craven’s New Nightmare



This movie has a great premise to it. According to the movie, all the Elm Street movies were made to keep an ancient evil at bay, and now that no more of the movies are being made, the evil is trying to get into our world. And naturally, he’s doing it in the form of Freddy.

But man, does Craven screw this one up. I’ve never been a big fan of his, I always thought he gets great ideas for movies, but they never really work all the way through. Although he did create Freddy Krueger, so there’s always that.

New Nightmare has some great elements to it. There’s a great scene at the start of the movie where after a talk show appearance, all the kids are lining up to get an autograph from Robert Englund, but Heather Langenkamp is all on her own. And the idea of Freddy Krueger having become a household name is quite intriguing, but the movie doesn’t really do much with that. Which is a shame, because that would’ve certainly been more interesting than what we got.

Instead, we have an hour of the movie setting up this new Freddy, “darker and more evil” as Robert Englund calls him. And when he shows up, it’s pretty much the same old Freddy, only with a new makeup and some sort of boneclaw hand. Not only does new makeup look incredibly fake and plastic, Freddy’s gotten all chic and is now wearing leather pants. All this makes Freddy a lot less scary and robs the movie a lot of its power.

I think I’m quite alone on this, but Heather Langenkamp has actually improved as an actress since her first two Elm Street movies and carries the movie fairly well. Most of the other acting in the movie is quite horrendous though. The kid from Pet Sematary is playing Heather’s son in the movie and he’s…not very good. Wes Craven is very wooden and has a very funny scene with Heather where they basically read the script out loud from a computer screen. At least we get John Saxon bringing the good in a few scenes.

The movie ends with Heather and her son fighting Freddy in an alternate dimension that’s supposedly the dreamworld? I don’t know. Freddy’s turf, anyway. And Freddy is a complete wuss in here. Isn’t he supposed to be able to do anything in here? There’s no real tension there either, and it ruins the whole real world thing they were doing with most of the movie.

The movie ends with Heather reading the script of New Nightmare to her son. Which is just terrible parenting. Your son just went through this horrible ordeal, almost getting killed and as soon as he’s safe, you want him to go through it again? Idiot.

Though I have to admit, it was sad when Rex died.

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I Know What I Watched Last Weekend #1

This weekend was a rarity in that I was able to see five movies. Since we’re in the middle of the month of Halloween, they’re mostly horror.

Phantasm III

Friday night started with Phantasm III. The disc suggests that it’s called Lord of the Dead, but I don’t remember seen that title in the actual movie.

Phantasm is one of my favorite movie series. It never takes it too seriously, while having an actually threatening villain in The Tall Man. The series started with the character of Mike being the main character, but the third movie really feels more like Reggie’s movie. Mike is still there and he’s still the protagonist, but Reggie is the main character in the movie. And he’s one of my favorites as well. He’s like a mix between Dean Norris from Breaking Bad and Bruce Campbell.

Phantasm III doesn’t really add much to the whole mythos of the series, but it’s a fun addition to it. With the same exact ending from the previous two movies. I’m sure we’ll get to Phantasm IV before next weekend.


Following Phantasm, we found Wes Craven’s New Nightmare on streaming. More on that later as I seem to have a lot to say about that one.


Saturday came about and after some shopping, I was a proud new owner of the new Re-Animator set and my daughter got herself The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea. Which is basically The Little Mermaid, but backwards. Ariel’s daughter wants to become a mermaid. Then there’s another sea witch and wishes come true, people get tricked, etc. You know what happens in this one.

The animation isn’t as good as the original. In fact, nothing is as good as the original. The songs are forgettable and they know that as well, because they bring “Part of Your World” back for the end credits.

They also added comic reliefs to this and they’re such blatant copies of Timon and Pumbaa, Disney should be ashamed of themselves. It’s so clearly made to squeeze a few extra dollars from the fans.

We’ve watched it twice so far, my daughter loves it. Though I think she’s rooting for the sea witch.


Then the kids went to bed and it was finally time to revisit Re-Animator. And it is just about perfect. The new transfer on disc is gorgeous, and the movie hasn’t aged at all. Will probably do a longer review later, once I catch the Integral Version of the movie so I can compare the two.


Then on Sunday night, we watched Psycho as my wife revealed that she’s never seen it while we were watching Re-Animator. If Re-Animator is pretty much perfect, Psycho is perfect. I love even the psychiarist scene at the end I shouldn’t really be amazed at how well the movie works, since it is considered as one of Hitchcock’s finest, but I was still wowed about it. I’d totally forgot about that shot where Sam Loomis goes to look for Arbogast at the motel, and is yelling for him and you get this shot of Norman Bates standing at the edge of the swamp looking very sinister, turning his head as the camera moves closer to him. Definitely one of my favorite scenes in movie history. Just brilliant filmmaking, this whole film.

That’s about it for this weekend. I don’t think I can do any better next weekend, beating the Re-Animator/Psycho duo, but I’m hoping for less mermaids next time.

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I Have Returned

¬†Though in a slightly different place than before, due to some access issues. I might bring over the reviews from the other site to here, but that’s not the main thing for the moment. Now, I want to start writing reviews again! So yeah, stay tuned! Reviews are coming…

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